Read to me

Read To Me is an interactive kids application that record books and stories to playback to kids and provides a lasting entertainment to kids.

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Showbiz Sheriff

Showbiz Sheriff is a task and budget management application for film units that calculates daily checks based on union rules.

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SecureCloud is a cloud based data application that lets users backup their smartphone contents onto online cloud storage platforms such as Dropbox.

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Safe Text Sender

STS is an auto response application that was developed to prevent distractions caused by incoming phone messages and calls while user is busy driving.

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Snowman Maker

Snowman Maker is a highly intuitive drag and drop app that lets users create artistic snowmen on their phones.

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Dewdrops is a Self-made greeting app for iOS and Android devices that lets users send customized greetings to their loved ones.

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Positive Vibrations

Positive Vibrations is a revolutionary transformation tool that allows users to redefine their thoughts and life experiences.

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K9 is the perfect app for dog lovers who hire others to walk their pets every day. It allows remote tracking of walking path, real time location info via GPS, etc.

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Trump Tight

Trump Tight is a card game developed for card enthusiasts and involves all time favourite card games such as Bid Whist and Minnesota Whist

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VOICIT is a personalised telecommunication app that delivers customised greeting responses to your callers when they fail to connect a call with you.

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FilmArray Frenzy

FilmArray Frenzy is a logical biogame developed by Mobatia and aims to both provide a time pass entertainment and basic understanding of common illness.

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Q & R


Topanga allows users to store their purchase information so that they have readily available histories of their shopping expenses and product info at hand as well.

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Easter Maker

Easter Maker is an app catering exclusively to needs during the Easter season. It allows users to create custom Easter eggs on their iPhone with ease.

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One Touch ERP

A fully-fledged organizational ERP tool was developed by us to help companies better manage their resources internally.

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Yellow Pages

Yellow pages is a custom directory application that allows, deals, events, popular businesses and shopping centres in a particular location to be listed.

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Vent is a user oriented iOS app that lets you converse within hot discussion topics such as Politics, Religion, Sports, Technology, Current affairs and so on.

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Green Card App

A perfect visiting card creation app that lets users create and share their own unique identity or green cards with everyone.

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On The High Line

On The High Line is an interactive travelogue application that lets users view city sights as beautiful images and map paths.

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