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VKC is a leading footwear brand headquartered in India. They are also into bags and other accessories. We developed a number of applications for VKC to cater to their specific needs. We developed application for calculation of loyalty points, take feedback from the retailers, dealers and also from the customers, to make survey regarding their


VLURB is a voice-based mobile application for iOS and Android users to record and upload voice recordings in the platform. Oftentimes, we face the issue of sound clarity but with this app, the recording is perfect and focused. Mixing music is a fantastic option especially when creating documentary or feature videos.


One of our esteemed Client in Education industry approached us with an idea of developing an infotainment mobile app for their students. The requirement was to engage students to answer a set of questions and the answers these questions were placed in virtual balloons which will pop-up near a location within a  specific area which

Indian School of Algubra

Indian School Al Ghubra’s free mobile app gives you simple and secure access to our school information and services and enables you to access the profiles of your wards. App enables parents, students and staff to easily access school notifications, news, photos, videos, curriculum resources, profiles of the teachers, social media, calendar and general information

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