One of our esteemed Client in Education industry approached us with an idea of developing an infotainment mobile app for their students. The requirement was to engage students to answer a set of questions and the answers these questions were placed in virtual balloons which will pop-up near a location within a  specific area which will be related to the question. We develop an AR (Augmented Reality) mobile app is in native iOS and Android and me the clients requirement to their satisfaction. This AR app will be showcased as a innovative idea and learning solution in Education sector in upcoming 2020 Expo.


Create an AR Application ‘Expop’ for the Kids in School They can open the application and view the surroundings via the camera Random balloons will pop up at various locations around them at random time intervals and they have to find it through the camera The kids can pop ‘em up and score points during limited game time Once the game is over, their score will be calculated and displayed against their current high score The students with the highest score can display it to the teacher for rewards

Plan & implementation

In the beginning, it was very difficult due to the unawareness and the limited time period. We took it as a challenge and tried. Since our projects were in native XCode’s single view, basic Obj-C style, most of our developers were not familiar with the ARKit Coding style and gaming. It took 3 days to complete the project and test it (including R&D)

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