Western International School of Shanghai


Western International School of Shanghai (WISS) realized the need of a mobile app for their most valued partner ie., the parents of the their wards studying in their school. Once they decided to have a mobile app they searched and focused on Mobatia as their trusted developer to build their mobile application.

From the concept stage itself WISS authorities had an idea of their app and the requirements. They discussed the details with us and chalked out a clear design and features that need to be implemented in their mobile app for school.


They are preferred to have the split menu in the home page listing all the features of the app so that it will be easy for the App users to find the option and access it.

User’s privilege

The audience for the WISS app was 2 types of users, Guest and Registered users. WISS preferred to share generic and public information with all. However they want only registered users approved by the WISS authorities to access specific, internal, academic and personal information.

Mobatia addressed this requirement by integrating as well as implementing the user registration and access from the WISS authorities via a CMS backend. Mobatia used PHP and MySQL setup and CMS and database for WISS app.


Also the content of the mobile app was categorized into 3 areas, Internet content, HTML Content and CMS managed.

Internet Content

  1. Admissions
  2. About us
  3. WISS sports (This is not a calendar)
  4. WISS arts (This is not a calendar)
  5. Contact us
  6. Library
  7. Air quality

HTML content (or WEB URL)

WISS will provide the HTML content that could be inserted via CMS (Pictures, and Text based HTML)

  1. Early Years
  2. Primary
  3. Secondary

Screens/features managed on CMS

  1. Home page.
  2. Explore the city
  3. News
  4. WISS shop
  5. Gallery
  6. Food menu
  7. Social media
  8. Interactive calendar
  9. Settings
  10. Push in notifications
  11. QE code
  12. Staff directory


WISS wants to host the CMS server on their windows server within their premise. Mobatia’s network team worked with WISS’s  technical team and configured the server to host the CMS server within WISS.

Delivering Push notification in Mainland China

Delivering Google/Apple push notification in Mainland China was a challenge when an APNS and GPNS service was not accessible. Mobatia’s team had implemented and work around by trying and integrating other 3rd party providers working in that region and fulfilled the commitment.