mobiCare – the future of healthcare mobility

mobiCare is a highly advanced mobile application that incorporates all aspects of healthcare information systems into a portable format which can run on popular mobile platforms. Expanding the idea of empowering healthcare with technology, mobiCare has been carefully worked upon and perfected through a meticulous process of research and development. A multitude of pragmatic features are incorporated in this handy app by uniting technological dexterity with sheer agility of healthcare information systems .The result of the same will be Superior outreach and Customer satisfaction. Healthcare mobility is the future and mobiCare is the future of healthcare mobility.

Through constant interactions with healthcare professionals, patients and management teams, we understood the need for a connected 24×7 contact point that is not restricted by the barriers of distance. Everyone should be in the process of development assigned that the  lifesaving information needs to be available at our palm, especially when there is infrastructure and technological process at our disposal.

mobiCare helps hospitals to communicate vital information directly to patients on their mobile devices, thereby eliminating the need for the patient to be present at the hospital. Convenience for the patient is greatly enhanced through this virtual link that helps them stay updated regarding their health status even while they are working or travelling.

Integration with HIS

We came across a lot of healthcare service providers who have invested vastly in improving their information systems. Such upgrades of infrastructure are part of a continuous process of renewal, as new technological elements need to be introduced periodically to enhance efficiency. The integration of mobility features to the system could be a challenging task if the process is not properly mapped out.

mobiCare is designed particularly to facilitate smooth integration of mobility features to HIS of hospitals. A future transition to full-fledged mobility will not be a daunting task to the hospital as mobiCare takes care of this aspect elegantly. Once the application is established, mobiCare will unfold a multitude of opportunities for hospitals and ease the medical process for the patient.

mobiCare has been developed in such a way that the load on the information system is distributed evenly through single point channels. Efficiency of the system will be boosted as information requests become more specific, eventually eliminating the transfer of irrelevant data.

Health Tracking & Reporting

mobiCare employs an organized and competent system for collecting vital data from the patient. The smooth interface helps the patient to enter details like their Weight, Blood sugar levels, Cholesterol etc. without any hassle. This information provided by the patient can be accessed by the hospital for analysis. The response from the hospital can be easily transferred to the patient’s mobile device. This whole process saves a lot of time for the hospital and provides the patient with an effective method to keep track of his health.

Medication routines and reminders can be transferred to the patient at time to ensure that the patient gets the right medical assistance even when he is away from the hospital. Technologically updated patients will thoroughly appreciate this feature of convenience provided to them by the hospital. Moreover the paper system can be eliminated to a great extent suggesting a more eco-friendly approach to the whole process of wellness.

Mobile Branding for Hospitals

The significance of mobile applications in the present age is greatly emphasized by the fact that almost all web based services now have fully functional mobile applications. This is mainly because companies do not want to miss an opportunity to connect with a major demography of audience who access information from mobile devices. Recent statistics show that mobile platforms are becoming the preferred choice for communication, data sharing and collection of information.

mobiCare make hospitals tap into this territory of exceptional possibilities. With a customized mobile app which includes all the branding attributes, hospitals can marginally increase their visibility in mobile platforms. A vast majority of mobile users, especially the younger generation consider mobile applications as an authentic source of information regarding a particular company or a brand.

The customization features which mobiCare offers are unique and takes into consideration the marketing needs of a healthcare facility. Moreover the receptiveness of information delivered through mobile devices is much higher compared to traditional forms of advertising.

Appointment Scheduling and Notifications

mobiCare literally takes the whole process of appointment scheduling to the next level. Patients can instantly check the availability of doctors at different departments and fix an appointment within seconds. They will also receive confirmation notification regarding the scheduled meeting. Another important aspect integrated in mobiCare is the timely notification of Insurance Approvals. Moreover hospitals can use this space to send regular health tips and medical alerts to the patient.

Customization possibilities offered by mobiCare allow hospitals to provide unique features to the patient through the application. The agility offered by mobiCare can be creatively used to enhance the wellness experience for the patient.

Specialized Delivery System

Integration of mobility with existing IT infrastructure of a hospital is smoothly facilitated by mobiCare. On a technical note, this application has been coded in such a way that all possibilities of disruption in data flow are completely eliminated. Specialized treatment has been given for this attribute considering the fact that connectivity is the most important element in mobility. Once the application has been integrated with the information system at the hospital, data flow is seamless with minimal downtime.

mobiCare also facilitates hassle-free resource management. The administrative panel provided to the hospital at the time of integration allows them to easily update the availability of resources and relay it to the patient within a short period of time.

Futuristic Approach

Mobile reservation systems are slowly replacing computerized reservation systems world over. A smooth transition between these systems can be facilitated by deploying mobiCare. By giving patients the option to make appointments through mobile devices, hospitals can communicate positive technological adaptation to them. This will resonate well especially for technologically sound demographies.

mobiCare also presents itself as a creative way for building relationship between the provider and the customer. Visibility of the hospital in mobile platforms will be significantly enhanced with the assistance of mobiCare. As the prominence of mobile devices augment, mobiCare will undoubtedly prove to be an earnest investment as it will buy the hospital ample time to plan and devise effective marketing strategies. With a full fledge app in the market, the hospital can focus on delivering the message rather than building an audience.

The possibilities are endless as abundant technology is at our disposal.

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